Have A Stone Chip In Your Windshield? Know How It Can Be Fixed

27 December 2022
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Have you noticed a stone chip in your windshield and you are concerned about getting it fixed? You may hate the sight of it in your field of vision, or have concerns about it spreading into a bigger crack. Here is what happens when a stone chip is repaired in automotive glass by a professional.  Cleaning The Surface The process starts by cleaning the area of the glass around the chip. Read More 

Is Your Vehicle’s Intake Manifold Gasket Failing?

5 December 2022
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Every gas-powered vehicle is going to have an intake manifold gasket, which has the job of creating a seal between the cylinder head and intake manifold under the hood. It prevents air and dirt from entering the intake manifold, which keeps your engine running smoothly. In some engines, the intake manifold gasket even helps prevent oil and coolants from entering the system. That's why it's so important to know the signs that the intake manifold gasket is failing so that you can fix the problem as soon as possible. Read More 

Is Your Car’s Suspension Beginning To Fail? Watch For These Signs

9 November 2022
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A car's suspension system ensures a smooth ride and helps keep the tires in contact with the road. Unfortunately, suspension problems are relatively common and can often be difficult to diagnose. If you suspect that your car might have suspension issues, here are some key signs to look out for. Pulling to One Side The suspension system helps keep your car stable and level as you drive. If one or more of the suspension components is damaged or worn out, it can cause the car to pull to one side. Read More 

4 Rental Car Tips for Your Next Road Trip

10 October 2022
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There's always one big question to ask before embarking on any long road trip: use your car or get a rental? While each choice has pros and cons, the advantages of rental cars often tip the balance in their favor. Rentals provide peace of mind while also allowing you to save substantial wear and tear on your vehicle, ultimately making them the ideal choice for many situations. However, there are ways to make your road trip rental even more successful. Read More 

3 General Car Maintenance Services You Should Not Neglect

15 September 2022
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General car maintenance is the key to keeping your repair costs low and extending the overall life of your vehicle. Unfortunately, far too many people choose to neglect these maintenance tasks either in an effort to save time or money. Making this mistake can easily cost you more of both in the long run. That is why in this article you can learn more about the three most important types of general car maintenance that you should never neglect. Read More