Wheel Alignment Issues? Common Problems Drivers May Notice

13 July 2021
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When a car is new, drivers often describe it as being effortless to steer and control. A similar experience can occur in an older vehicle when drivers have just had new tires and a wheel alignment done. But as time passes and wear increases on the car's tires, brakes, and steering and suspension systems, drivers soon begin to notice that more effort is needed to steer the car.  If the wear issues are advanced, drivers may even find that they need to oversteer to keep the car safely in its lane, especially at higher rates of speed. Read More 

Why It’s Important to Invest in Regular Auto Maintenance

14 June 2021
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Your car is a vital investment that requires regular maintenance to boost its reliability and keep it in excellent shape all year long. A regularly inspected and maintained automobile will never disappoint you when driving. If you ignore routine maintenance, the minor auto issues will escalate into severe problems, which will increase repair or replacement costs in the future. During regular auto maintenance, your car will get inspected for engine issues, oil levels, brake pads wear and tear, and other issues. Read More