Have A Stone Chip In Your Windshield? Know How It Can Be Fixed

27 December 2022
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Have you noticed a stone chip in your windshield and you are concerned about getting it fixed? You may hate the sight of it in your field of vision, or have concerns about it spreading into a bigger crack. Here is what happens when a stone chip is repaired in automotive glass by a professional. 

Cleaning The Surface

The process starts by cleaning the area of the glass around the chip. This can be done by using a glass cleaner along with a lint-free cloth, which will help remove dirt and debris without leaving any lint from the cleaning cloth behind. A suction cup will also be used to pull out loose pieces of glass that are within the stone chip since you'll have problems finding them in the cracks of the glass within the chip. This will help create a smooth and seamless repair when it is finished.

Applying The Resin 

A special tool is used to inject reason into the stone chip. The tool's purpose is to ensure that the resin gets deep within all parts of the chipped glass so that there are no air bubbles in it. The tool uses pressure to force the resin into those tiny cracks so that they are completely filled, which will ensure that the stone chip will not continue to spread after the repair is finished.

Curing The Resin

The resin will be cured by using a special curing light which speeds up the process. This only takes a few minutes to do thanks to the equipment. If you were using a repair kit of your own at home to fix the stone chip, you would have to leave the car in the sun to let the resin cure, and it can take a while for it to do finish curing and move on to the next step. 

Finishing The Job

Any excess resin on the glass can be removed after it has cured, and it is done by using a razor blade to scrape the glass surface. The goal will be to get the resin completely even with the surrounding glass so that there is not a lip where debris can get caught or the windshield wiper will pass over and get caught on. Very fine grit sandpaper will also be used to smooth out the resin. Glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth is used once again to clean the surface, and the windshield will be ready for the road.

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