3 General Car Maintenance Services You Should Not Neglect

15 September 2022
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General car maintenance is the key to keeping your repair costs low and extending the overall life of your vehicle. Unfortunately, far too many people choose to neglect these maintenance tasks either in an effort to save time or money. Making this mistake can easily cost you more of both in the long run. That is why in this article you can learn more about the three most important types of general car maintenance that you should never neglect. 

#1: Oil Change

Oil changes are perhaps the most important type of general car maintenance. This is because the oil in your vehicle is responsible for lubricating your engine and keeping it safe from friction and heat damage. Over the course of time, this oil will become dirty and begin to thicken. Thick motor oil cannot properly circulate through your engine. As a result, your engine can suffer serious damage and could even need to be replaced. Having your oil changed on a regular basis is a quick and cost-effective way to prevent this type of major repair. 

#2: Transmission Flush

Next to your engine, your transmission is arguably the most important part of your vehicle and the most expensive part of your vehicle to replace if it becomes damaged. That is why it is so important to take preventative measures to extend the life of your transmission. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a general car maintenance service known as a transmission flush. This service includes removing your old transmission fluid and filter, cleaning your transmission system, and putting a new filter and fluid in your car. This will help to prevent debris from building up inside your transmission and potentially damaging your gears. 

#3: Tune Up 

A tune-up typically involves changing the spark plugs, wires or coils, and air filters in your vehicle. This general car maintenance service is a very important part of ensuring your vehicle is able to get the perfect mixture of fuel, air, and spark to get your engine running each time you turn the key. If you fail to complete this maintenance task as recommended by your car's manufacturer, you could find yourself dealing with an engine that misfires. This can lead to more serious engine trouble and some rather expensive repairs. If you are not sure when the last time your vehicle had a tune-up or are unsure of the intervals at which this maintenance is required for your vehicle, be sure to check with a reputable mechanic in your area to see if it is time to get your vehicle serviced.

For more information on general car maintenance, contact a professional near you.