Is Your Vehicle Misbehaving? 3 Clear Indications That Your Engine Requires A Tune-Up

20 December 2021
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Engine issues account for a significant percentage of most vehicle problems. That is why most vehicle models have enhanced engine power. However, even the most robust engines require regular maintenance to keep them performing optimally and improve their longevity. 

In addition, it is crucial to schedule auto services with your mechanic as soon as you notice unusual behavior in your vehicle. Doing this averts costlier and extensive damages in the future. Here are three subtle indications that your engine requires a tune-up.

Your Exhaust Is Producing a Differently Colored Smoke

If your exhaust starts producing a different-colored smoke when driving, stop at the next garage for a mechanical inspection. This smoke signals that your engine is developing a problem that needs a tune-up. 

Different smoke colors indicate varying engine issues, which only an experienced mechanical expert can accurately deduce. Typically, the auto expert will inspect the coolant, combustion chamber, and other engine components, depending on the color of the smoke. They will then conduct the necessary repairs before allowing you to continue driving.

Your Engine is Producing Knocking Sounds When Driving

You should not continue driving if your engine starts producing knocking sounds. Instead, schedule a professional auto repair appointment immediately to get it fixed. Engine noises often indicate worn-out parts. Unfortunately, these components will continue degrading if you force them to work in that condition. As a result, they will significantly complicate repairs and increase repair costs. 

Sometimes, friction can cause irreparable impairment, necessitating a new engine. Therefore, it is crucial to check your engine when you hear the knocking sounds. In this case, your mechanic will diagnose the problem and offer a suitable remedy. 

Your Engine Is Not Performing as It Should

After driving your car for several months, you will master its operations. For instance, you already know how your car behaves when you change gears. Knowing the usual behaviors of your car makes it easy to notice emerging problems. 

Poor engine performance can lead to accidents by making it hard to navigate the car when driving at high speed. Therefore, get professional auto services immediately after your engine starts performing inadequately.

Engine problems escalate quickly and could kill the engine if not addressed in time. Therefore, it's crucial to seek auto services when your vehicle starts displaying the above signs or anything unfamiliar. Your mechanic will fix the issue to ensure improved performance and safety of the vehicle.