Pick-up Truck Campers: Adding Customizations to Get More Utility Out of Your Modifications

19 October 2021
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If you want to get more use out of your truck, you might want to consider installing a camper cover. When you are looking for a truck camper, there could also be additional improvements that you want to have done to modify your pickup for these custom features. The following information will help you find the right top and modifications to do to your pickup:

Over Cab Truck Campers

If you want to have a larger truck camper with space for sleeping and a main area for the truck bed, you might want to invest in a cab-over camper top. These are truck campers that have extra space over the main cabin of your truck. These types of campers can give you more valuable space, but it comes with a price. The cab-over models make the truck top-heavy and reduce fuel economy. If you want to camper top for actual traveling and camping, this still might be worth the exchange to get the valuable extra space you need.

Aerodynamic Truck Campers

If you want to have a camper top that is more aerodynamic and has less effect on handling and fuel economy, you might want a top that mounts flush with the cabin. These tops can be made to follow the exact lines of the body of your model pickup. These can be just plain camper tops or complete campers with all the features to use for traveling. This can also be good if you plan on traveling long distances with your pickup and are concerned about the fuel economy of your pickup.

Weather Seals and Windows

The weather seals are also important features that you need to consider when you are investing in a camper top for your pickup. These weather seals will protect the interior of the camper area from leaks, but they can also stop the outside air from getting in. In addition to the seals, consider windows that need to be installed and if you want them to have automatic controls. If the camper top is going to be permanent, you might also want an automatic rear window for the cabin of your truck too.

Lighting and Mechanical Installations

When installing a camper for your pickup, consider several things, such as the wiring and lighting. Depending on what you will be using the camper top for, there might be other mechanical installations that you want to add. These mechanical improvements can include batteries and a solar panel on the top to help power these installations. Inside the camper top, you can also add lighting and automated controls, which can be great if you plan on using it for actual camping.

Adding a camper top can be a great investment when you want to get more utility out of your pickup. Contact a truck camper dealer to learn more about custom features.