Being Prepared To Address Brake Problems With Your Vehicle

29 March 2023
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Ensuring the optimal performance of your car's brakes is a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance. Neglecting the brake system can lead to hazardous situations on the road that could easily lead to severe accidents. Sadly, brake maintenance and repair is a topic that many car owners will not fully appreciate until they experience a catastrophic brake failure. 

Learn The Signs Of Brake System Malfunction

Dashboard warnings often serve as the first indication of potential brake issues. Do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if you notice the brake warning light on your dashboard. Such alerts may signal anything from a faulty sensor to a more severe problem within the brake system.

Modern diagnostic systems make it easier to recognize brake problems, but there are other noticeable indications of this problem as well. Unusual noise when applying the brakes is one of the more common. These sounds may result from worn brake pads, damaged rotors, or other underlying issues that require immediate attention.

Be Aware Of Common Causes Of Brake Failure

Your brakes are a complex system, which can lead to many components failing. For example, brake pads undergo significant wear and tear, making them a common cause of brake failure. Over time, the friction wears down the brake pads, which reduces their effectiveness. Eventually, this wear could even cause damage to other parts of the brakes. Regularly inspecting and replacing worn brake pads can prevent more serious issues and ensure your vehicle remains safe on the road.

Brake fluid leaks are another frequent cause of brake failure. If the fluid level in your brake system is low or contaminated, it may affect the performance of the brakes. Damaged hoses, corroded brake lines, or compromised seals can cause fluid leaks. Fortunately, these issues are often fairly affordable to repair.

Know The Actions To Take When Experiencing Sudden Brake Failure

If your brakes are not responding, it can be frightening and dangerous. However, some steps may help you slow down and stop the vehicle. Depending on the cause of the brake failure, pumping them may help. This increases the brake fluid pressure, possibly restoring some braking power. As a result, pumping the brakes may give you enough control to slow down your vehicle and come to a safe stop.

Should pumping the brakes prove ineffective, your next step should be to use the parking brake as an emergency stop. The parking brake operates separately from the primary brake system, and while not as effective, it can still help slow down the vehicle. However, you must be cautious because applying the parking brake could make the car more difficult to control.

Contact a local auto brake repair service to learn more.