Maintaining Your Car By Repairing Its Glass Damage

28 February 2023
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Auto glass chips are a common but significant type of damage. A small chip can quickly turn into a larger crack, which can compromise your windshield's structural integrity. Fortunately, auto glass chip repairs are a discrete and effective solution to this damage.

Will The Repair Resin Be Easy To Notice Once It Dries?

If you are worried about the appearance of the repair resin on your windshield, you will be pleased to know that it is designed to be as discreet as possible. The repair resin is formulated to match the color and transparency of your windshield, so it won't be noticeable once it dries. The goal of a good auto glass repair technician is to make the repair as invisible as possible.

Repairing a chip involves injecting and curing the resin with a specialized UV light. The resin is polished to remove any excess and ensure a smooth finish. While the resin may leave a minor blemish on the windshield, it is far less noticeable than the original damage.

Can You Drive Your Car Immediately After The Chip Is Repaired?

A perk of auto glass chip repairs is that they are quick to do, and you can generally drive your car immediately afterward. However, following some basic precautions is vital to ensure the repair fully cures.

After your auto glass chip repair, avoid washing your car or exposing it to moisture for at least a full day. Water can interfere with the curing process of the repair resin, which can compromise the durability of the repair. You also want to avoid slamming your car doors or driving on rough roads for a day or two after the repair.

Do You Always Have To Pay Out Of Pocket For Auto Glass Chip Repairs?

If the costs of the auto glass chip repairs have you worried, you will be pleased to know that many insurance policies offer coverage for this type of damage. Comprehensive coverage can pay for damage to your car that did not result from a collision. In many cases, auto glass chip repairs are covered by comprehensive coverage.

Some insurance companies will even waive the deductible for auto glass chip repairs. This coverage lets you do this repair without paying out of pocket. Even if you do not have comprehensive coverage, the cost of auto glass chip repairs is much lower than that of a total windshield replacement. By addressing the damage early and choosing a reputable repair shop, you can avoid the costs of replacing it.

For more information on automotive glass chip repair, contact a professional near you.