Increasing The Power In Your Truck With A Performance Engine

12 October 2020
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The engine in your diesel pickup may still run fine, but if it does not have the power you need or it has too many miles to consider adding performance parts to, you may want to consider replacing it. A new Duramax performance engine may be the solution you are looking for, and it can offer many benefits as well.

New Life in an Old Truck

If your truck is still in good shape but needs help in the engine area, replacing the old engine with a new performance engine can be like getting a new truck for far less than it would cost to trade your truck in. For many people, adding a new monthly payment is not something they want, so fixing the old truck may make more sense. 

A Duramax performance engine will be costly, but depending on the performance options you choose, it may not be as costly as you might think. The best place to start is by talking to the engine supplier about what options you have and what the cost of those will be. They can help you select an engine that will do what you need it to and that will fall into a price range that fits your budget. 

Factory Performance Engines

One option you may want to consider is buying an engine from the manufacturer or dealer that is built a little more stout and with added performance in mind. Duramax performance engines are available as crate engines from the manufacturer's performance division, and often they come with a manufacturer's warranty, offering you some insurance or peace of mind.

If you buy a performance engine from your local dealer and they offer a factory warranty, check with them to see what the warranty covers and if there is any additional cost for it. In most cases, it is not an extended warranty and does not cover the truck, but if a factory tech installs the engine, the warranty should cover damage or issues with the engine for several years. 

Professional Installation

Often having the Duramax performance engine you are buying installed by a professional technician can offer some benefits as well. The installation of the engine is usually a lot faster when you let a shop put the engine in the truck for you. The shop has the tools to do the job, and the techs have the knowledge to install the engine correctly.

The result is an engine that is installed quickly, tuned properly, and is going to get you back on the road with confidence in the installation and the new engine you choose.