4 Spring Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Audi For Performance In Warmer Weather

17 March 2019
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The winter weather is coming to an end, and soon the warm weather will be here and your car needs maintenance. You need to do things like have the fluids changed and check the tire pressure. You also want to clean your car and inspect it for any repairs that need to be done. The following tips will help with the maintenance your Audi needs before the warmer spring weather arrives:

1. Changing the Fluids for Protection from Hot Weather and Overheating 

The stress that your car faces during spring and summer is different than winter weather. Therefore, you want to use oil and lubricants that provide more protection from hot summers. In addition, you will want to flush your radiator and change the antifreeze for a coolant that protects the engine from overheating at higher temperatures.

2. Checking Your Tires and Brakes to Ensure Your Audi Is Ready for Summer

The tires and brakes of your Audi will also need maintenance as the weather gets warmer outside. To start, you want to check the tire pressure to make sure it is correct as the temperatures begin to change. In addition, check the treads and have the tires changed if it is needed. You also want to check your brake pads and inspect the rest of your brakes for signs of leaks and wear that needs to be repaired.

3. Have and Alignment Done and Inspect Suspension Components for Wear

Driving through winter weather conditions can cause a lot of wear on the suspension components of your car. This can lead to the wheels and suspension becoming out of alignment. Poor alignment will affect handling, cause excessive tire wear and reduce fuel efficiency. As spring arrives, have an alignment done to prevent these problems with your Audi.

4. Revise All Wires, Hoses, and Belts for Wear and Change Them If Needed

Over the winter months, other parts of your car can also wear. Rubber and plastic parts of your car are particularly vulnerable to damage during the cold winter weather. As the weather begins to get warmer, inspect all the wires, hoses, and belts for signs of wear and take your care to an Audi repair service to replace them if these parts are damaged.

These are some maintenance tips to help prepare your Audi for the warmer spring weather. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, take your car to an Audi repair shop, like SALTA SERVICE & PERFORMANCE, to ensure your car is ready for performance in warmer weather.