3 Tips For Proper Brake Usage In The Winter

10 February 2019
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Winter can be rough on your vehicle and that's especially true for your brake system. You will likely have to give your brakes more of a workout during the winter season as you navigate roads covered in ice and snow. If you want to limit the wear and tear on your brake system this winter, here are some tips for proper brake usage during the worst time of the year to be out on the road.

No Sudden Movements

"Take it easy" should be your mantra during winter driving. You never know when you might run into a patch of ice around the next bend while driving during the aftermath of a storm. If you want to limit the amount of times you have to sudden slam on your brakes, try and keep most of your movements as smooth as possible. In other words, don't suddenly accelerate for no good reason. Remain conscious of how far down you are pushing the gas pedal as you navigate the roads.

Give Yourself Space

A great tip for reducing wear and tear on your brakes year round is to keep a good amount of space in between your vehicle and the car in front of you. That way, if the vehicle in front comes to a sudden stop, you'll have more time to react and can also bring your vehicle to a more gradual stop as you catch up with the other car. This advice is especially helpful during the winter when an icy road could make your vehicle struggle while trying to slow down.

Know When to Use Your ABS 

Your anti-lock brake system will automatically pump your brakes for you when you hold down your foot on the brake pedal. This can reduce wear and tear a bit when compared with physically slamming the brake pedal up and down. But with that said, you should know that ABS doesn't always work that well when the car is skidding on ice. If you begin to skid, take your foot off the gas pedal but do not touch the brakes. Try to follow the direction of the skid in order to regain control. Trying to engage your ABS or physically pumping your brakes while skidding might actually do more harm than good.

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