Car Window Problems: Causes And Fixes

3 September 2017
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Your windshield and the windows of your car are vital to the safety of the vehicle. Problems that seem small can become much larger if you ignore them. Taking the time once or twice a year to survey the state of your vehicle's windows is a good idea. Fall is a great time for this since many windshield problems become worse in winter if they aren't fixed.

Problem: Small chips and cracks

These are often the result of rocks and gravel hitting the windshield. They are most common on the front windshield, but they can occur on any car window. Smaller chips are often easier to see from inside the car with the sunlight hits the window at an angle. The good news is that most small chips and cracks that are less than the size of a quarter can be filled and repaired, so you won't need a new window. Just get it done as quickly as possible since chips have a way of growing larger over time.

Problem: Large cracks

Large cracks almost always only occur on the front windshield, although they may occasionally happen on a rear window. These require immediate replacement. You don't want to put it off, as a cracked windshield has lost its integrity and can be a major hazard in the event of an accident. If the crack has spread to the edge of the window, you are also in danger of the glass falling inward simply from vibrations as you drive.

Problem: Broken seals

The seal around the front, rear, and any other fixed windows should always be tight and secured. If water or air is seeping in around any of these windows, you need to have the seal inspected and possibly replaced. A major issue with a broken seal is that the window is no longer properly secured, so it can fall inward when you are driving, which can then lead to an injury. Side windows that open and close more commonly have seal problems. These can also be easily replaced, but their failure is more of a nuisance than a safety issue.

Problem: Scratched glass

Scratched glass is often on the front windshield and is caused by using a rough edge to scrape ice, or from using old or dirty windshield wipers. The only fix is a replacement, which is necessary to ensure you have a clear, safe view through the window. Scratches on the side and rear windows are rarer, but if severe they will also require replacement. More often, tinted window film becomes scratched on these windows. The old film can be removed to solve the problem, then you can replace it if you like.

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