What Happens When You Hit An Object With Your Car?

29 August 2017
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Sometimes, another car or person isn't the unintended target in your car accident. When you strike another object, here is what happens next:

Property Liability Kicks In

A good majority of accidents happen when one car hits another car, so you may be more familiar with the consequences of that kind of an accident. But your auto liability insurance also protects you in case you hit someone else's property, whether it's a vehicle or not.

If the property owner is present, you will give them your insurance information, just like any other auto accident. The liability for these types of cases is usually pretty clear since you were the only moving vehicle in the accident. Thankfully, the damages on these types of cases are usually much lower than a two-car auto accident. You don't have the other person's injury claim to pay for.

If the other person is not present at the time when you run into their property, the legal thing to do is to leave a note for them that includes your insurance information and contact information. They can get in contact with you when they discover the property damage.

Comprehensive Insurance May Cover Your Losses

Depending on what you hit, you might need collision or comprehensive insurance to cover your vehicle damage. Collision policies are often more specifically geared towards hitting another vehicle. Comprehensive auto insurance policies may include language that includes times when you've hit an animal or another object besides a moving vehicle. Contact your insurance company's support number for a definitive answer on whether or not you're covered. Many insurance companies require you to report an accident anyway, whether you file a claim or not.

Auto Body Repair Is Important

Auto body repair is more important than you may think to the health of your car. Auto glass replacement is critical for your safety in the vehicle and for visibility. Fenders are there to protect much more expensive and critical engine parts. And even side panel damage can be costly if the scratches allow the car to rust out completely. Visit an auto glass specialist and an auto body repair center after your accident, even if you don't have insurance, to see what the costs of covering the damage are. Aside from glass replacement, you can go a little bit of time without repairing body damage. You'll have some time to save up for the most important repairs. And while you are evaluating your car, a free brake inspection is a smart idea. Since an emergency stop can badly damage brakes all in one go, it's a good idea to check their condition after any kind of collision.