Have Transmission Fluid On Your Driveway? How To Stop The Leaking

24 July 2017
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If you find that your driveway is covered in transmission fluid every time that you move your vehicle, you need to take action to stop your transmission from leaking. Transmission fluid has more of a transparent look to it and can vary in color from a reddish-pink tone to a clearly brown tone.

#1 Assess The Problem

The first thing that you need to do is assess the problem to determine how serious the transmission fluid leak coming from your vehicle really is. Try to check for a couple of days and see how much transmission fluid is leaking out. Put a cardboard box under your vehicle, and check it daily to see how much more transmission fluid has leaked out.

A few drops a day, although still an issue, is really a minor problem. A large pool of transmission fluid under your vehicle every day is a really serious problem. The steps below work best if the transmission fluid leaking issue is only minor; it will not work as well if the issue is a major leak.

#2 Get Some Stop-Leak Fluid

You are going to need to purchase some transmission stop-leak fluid as well as a funnel. This product can be found at most auto part stores. It is made specifically to address minor transmission fluid leaks and is specially formulated to help stop these leaks from occurring.

#3 Put The Stop-Leak Fluid In Your Vehicle

When your vehicle has been sitting for a long period of time and the engine is cool, preferable overnight, open up the hood of your truck. Then, find the screw for the transmission. It should have what looks like a thermometer symbol on it. You can always check your owner's manual for what the exact cap looks like on your vehicle as the exact image can vary a bit.

Take off the cap, and then put the funnel into the opening. Then, pour the entire bottle of the stop-leak fluid into the transmission fluid receptor. It is important to use the entire bottle if you want it to work properly.

#4 Top Off The Transmission Fluid

Now you need to top off the transmission fluid if it is below the maximum fill line. Add enough transmission fluid to get the level up to the maximum fill line. It is important to keep enough fluid in your transmission.

This will also allow you a baseline to see if the transmission stop-fluid worked. Check back in a few days and see if your transmission fluid levels have remained the same. If you continue to lose transmission fluid, you have a bigger issue on your hands than you may have realized and you need to take your vehicle into a mechanic so they can find the exact source of the transmission fluid leak and stop it. 

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