Lesser-Known Car Repair Shop Services You Should Use

7 July 2017
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There are some lesser-known car repair shop services that might make your life easier when your car is in the shop. If you have a repair shop in your area that offers any of these services, you should take full advantage. They lessen the stress of not having transportation while your car is in the shop.

Loaner Cars

Loaner cars are offered by only a few repair shops across the country. It was, at one time, a common practice, but the overhead and insurance on these vehicles made it a major problem. Lending cars to customers meant that repair shops had to keep the cars out of accidents and lawsuits, or they could lose their businesses. Now, the few that still offer loaner cars are often repair shops attached to dealerships, but there are still some independent repair shops that offer this service. Taking advantage of this service means no cabs, buses, or other travel expenses while your car is in the shop.

Service Shuttles

When you bring your vehicle in for repairs, the service station has a service shuttle. The service shuttle takes you anywhere you need to go after you drop off your vehicle. When the vehicle's repairs are complete, the service station sends the shuttle to come and pick you up. This reduces the need to find someone who can give you a lift after you drop off the car and when you need a ride back to the repair shop.

Public Transportation Credits

Different cities across the country have public bike rentals, buses, subways, and elevated trains. If you still drive because you prefer to be alone on work commutes, leaving your vehicle in the repair shop is unnerving. However, some repair shops are making it easier for you to depart from your vehicle and use public transportation. When you drop off your vehicle, they provide you with credits to ride public transportation or with a bike to borrow. They make sure you have enough credits to get to work and then get home later or to make it back to the service station if your car is fixed.

Hailing You a Taxi

Still, there are a few more service stations that, while they will not pay for your ride, will make sure you have one. When you schedule an appointment to drop off your vehicle for repairs, the repair shop calls a taxi to have it ready and waiting at the appointed time. This makes for a seamless transition from car-less to having a ride to work.