How To Approach Used Car Buying

14 June 2017
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Once you decide to buy a used car and you know you would rather go with a private party seller, you'll need to make sure you do things correctly. There is always the chance of you spending too much money, buying a car that has something seriously wrong with it or having a bad buying experience for many other reasons if you aren't careful. This article will serve as a guide you can use to have a better car buying time:

Don't spend more than you can afford

Once you have decided on how much you can spend without hurting yourself financially, make sure you don't go over that amount no matter how much you like a car. You can view cars where people are asking for more, but you will need them to come down in price or be willing to walk away from the deal. Many people ask more than they intend to get anyway, figuring that buyers are going to try to bring them down in price.

Check the value for the car

Just because the seller tells you a car is worth a certain amount of money doesn't mean it's true. You can check the true private party value of the car online and even on the spot so you know that you aren't going to be paying more than the car is even worth.

Look at the car during the daytime

A seller may try to have you come look at their car at night, it may be because they are hiding something or it could simply be because that's what works best for their schedule. However, you should really look at a car in the daytime so you don't miss important red flags like things wrong with the body, oil spots on the ground where it is parked or numerous other issues.

Always make sure you verify all the information

People sell stolen cars all the time and you don't want to be one of the people who accidentally buys one of them. Always check all the paperwork, as well as the person's driver's license. When you look at the title you want to match the VIN number listed on the title to the one listed on the actual car.

Take the car to a mechanic

Before you buy the car you should either take the car in to a shop where a mechanic can take a look at it or have a mechanic come out to you. Once the mechanic gives you the thumbs up then you can feel better about going through with the purchase.

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