4 Common Car Problems

6 June 2017
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While it's true that just about anything can go wrong with your car, it's also true that you have much more of a chance of certain things going wrong than others. By learning about the more common problems there will be a better chance of you knowing just what may be wrong if your car starts acting up. Here are 4 common problems cars can have:

A worn belt: A worn or failing belt can be quite common in a car. They can obviously wear out faster the more mileage you put on the car. Also, if you live in an area where the weather gets extremely hot for long periods of time then this can put extra wear on the belt by causing it to become brittle as time goes on. If a belt in your motor is failing or getting worn then the signs can include a squealing noise coming from under the hood or the failings of certain components like the air conditioner or the power steering. Your engine may also suddenly start to overheat. Auto shops like White Pass Garage will most likely have the proper replacement belts for your car!

Worn brakes: Your brake pads have sensors that will warn you when they are starting to wear. Once the brake pads start to get thin the sensor will cause you to begin hearing a squeaking sound coming from the wheels. If you ignore this warning then the next thing you may notice is you hear and possibly even feel a grinding. Once the brakes get to this point you are in a dangerous situation and it is crucial that you get your car in to have the breaks changed immediately before you continue driving the car.

A bad thermostat: The thermostat has a very important job. It blocks the flow of coolant to the radiator while the engine is warming. Once the engine is at the right temperature, then the thermostat opens to allow the coolant to go to the radiator to then prevent overheating. If your thermostat is not working properly it can lead to overheating, underheating, and fluctuations in the car's temperature that can cause the car to not run properly in general. Having your thermostat replaced is an easy job, but it should be taken care of right away.

A leak in your radiator: Another common thing that can happen to the car is you can get a leak in the radiator. A big indication that this has happened can be the inability to keep your car from overheating. You may also see the water leaking from underneath the front of the motor area on the ground.