How To Choose the Best Keyword Terms for Your Auto Repair Shop

9 May 2017
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Automotive services are a common topic that is searched online as users seek advice on how to repair their own cars. If you run a website like The Pit Crew and are trying to attract customers who need auto services for their cars, it is recommended that you use the right keywords on your auto services website to improve your search ranking and maximize the amount of traffic that you will receive. 

The Best Automotive Keyword Terms To Use

Common keywords that are used for searching for auto services include automotive, automotive parts, tires automotive, automotive repair, car automotive parts, and automotive parts accessories. Tires and oil change are among the most common automotive-related keywords searched for. Make sure to target the keywords that are the most in line with the types of services that you offer. For example, if you are a tire repair service, tires automotive is an ideal keyword phrase to include in your content. However, make sure to use your chosen phrases sparingly to avoid keyword stuffing.

Using Google Keyword Planner

One option is to use the Google keywords planner to search for keywords that are related to the things that you believe are associated with your business. For example, if auto repair is the first keyword that pops into your mind, that may not be the same as the first keyword phrase that your mother might think of. By using a keyword planner, you will be provided with not only a list of keywords but also the number of searches that are performed on these keywords. However, do not necessarily focus only on the keywords that are the most searched for because these will also be the most competitive.

Use the keyword phrase auto repair more often than car repair because users search for auto repair much more often than car repair. However, car repair is a keyword phrase that can also be targeted in order to reach those users who are searching for car repairs.

Include Keywords Related To Financing

If you are willing to offer finance options for users who will be in a bind and short on emergency funds for car repairs, it is recommended that you use terms such as car repair financing in order to attract customers who are looking for these specific services. By targeting the right keywords, you will be a step ahead of the competition and will attract more loyal customers looking for someone to fix their cars.