Summer's Coming Up, Is Your Auto AC Working?

6 April 2017
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With summer just around the corner, you'll soon be reaching for your car's AC dial to cool off. But are you sure your car's air conditioning system is working as well as it could? Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and test your car's cooling system.

Test Your AC Now

Before you find yourself in a hot and sticky situation, you should test how well your air conditioner is working now. When you are testing your air conditioner's performance, pay attention to how long it takes for the vehicle to get cool, how cold the air gets at its height performance, and how long the air stays cool before tapering off. You might want to take the vehicle out for a test drive while someone periodically checks the temperature of air out of each vent. There are often some performance issues that can be corrected after normal use, so if you want to take the vehicle straight to an auto AC repair center, it's probably not a bad idea. Seals can become weak, fluids can get low, and the power supply to the AC system may need to be adjusted as well.

Get a Checkup

If you haven't taken your car to an auto repair center in a while, it might be a good idea to get a service package to check on basic car systems and service them. These may include an oil change, tire rotation and a basic inspection of the vehicle. At the same time, the mechanic can fill up fluids that affect performance and efficiency. Aside from motor oil, that may include hydraulic brake fluid, coolant or antifreeze. Some of these services also include a test or inspection of your auto air conditioner, so if you want a more thorough evaluation of its performance, an auto repair inspection could be just the ticket.

Buy Equipment to Help with Climate Control

Aside from getting your car's air conditioner tuned up, you could also consider these steps for keeping the car cool naturally. For one, consider a windshield cover. A lot of the heat that gets in your car is through the windows, where the sun's rays can more easily penetrate the surface and trap heat within your car. A windshield cover eliminates this effect to some extent. Car window tinting works in a similar way, because the darker glass is harder for UV rays to get through.