The Three Main Safety Purposes Of Your Windshield

31 March 2017
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When it comes to windshield repair for your vehicle, you need to get it done right away. Unfortunately, not too many people do this, believing that small cracks aren't going to make that big of a difference in the safety of their vehicle. However, this is not the case. To better understand the importance of windshield repair, you should know the three main safety purposes of your windshield:

The Windshield Is a Shield for the Airbags: 

When the airbags are deployed in the event of a car accident, the windshield is going to ensure that the airbags actually protect you and your passengers. Otherwise, the airbags will simply pop out of the car and you and your passengers will likely fly forward out of the vehicle, as well. The windshield needs to be in perfect condition to do this. Since the airbags contain a great deal of pressure, any small crack in the windshield is likely to give out once those airbags are deployed. 

The Windshield Holds Up the Roof:

One of the most dangerous things that can occur when in an accident is having the roof of your car collapse on you and your passengers. This makes escaping the vehicle almost impossible and it can even be fatal once the roof does collapse. If you have a strong windshield, however, this is unlikely to happen because it will hold up the roof. If there are cracks or chips in the windshield, it reduces the strength of the windshield itself and is more likely to break altogether under the pressure of the roof if you have gotten in a rollover crash. 

The Windshield Prevents Passengers from Being Ejected:

Another danger that presents itself in the case of a car accident is being ejected from the vehicle. The amount of acceleration when a car crashes into your vehicle means that anyone in your vehicle can be sent flying out of the vehicle at such a high speed that it's likely fatal. With a strong windshield, however, this is less likely. Hopefully what happens instead is that any passenger in your vehicle either remains in the safety of their seat or suffers a head injury from being ejected just to crash into the windshield. 

When you know the three main safety purposes of your windshield, you will have a better sense of urgency once you notice that your windshield is in need of repairs. Contact a company like Harr's  Auto Glass to learn more.