Does Your Tire Need To Be Repaired? The Benefits Of Taking It To A Tire Store Instead Of Doing It Yourself

2 March 2017
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If you have run over a nail or other foreign item, your tire may go flat. If your tire goes flat, you may immediately think that it needs to be repaired. However, unless your tire blows out, most puncture holes and issues can be repaired. If your tire needs to be repaired, you may find yourself debating whether to patch or plug the hole yourself or bring it to a tire store for repairs. Here are a few of the benefits of letting the professionals at a tire shop make the repair for you.

A Professional Knows What Type of Repair Should Be Made

One of the benefits to using a tire store for your tire repairs is that a tire professional knows if your tire can be repaired, and if so, which type of repair is ideal. Different types of repairs may be needed based on the size of the puncture or the location. For example, it is never advisable to plug a hole on the sidewall of a tire. Pressure can build up and cause your tire to blow out. This can cause an accident if it happens while you are driving. This is something you may not know and it can have deadly consequences. As such, for this reason alone, you may want to leave tire repair to the pros.

There Are Minimal to No Savings to Making the Repair Yourself

Another benefit to having a tire store make the repair to your tire for you is that there really is not a cost-savings benefit to doing it yourself. Most tire repairs only cost about $10 to $20, and some shops offer free repairs if you bought the tire there. While you may be able to buy a tire repair kit for a bit less than $10, you have to jack your car up, take the tire off, make the repair and then place your tire back on. This is a lot of work for a very minimal savings. Due to its relatively low cost, many people leave this repair to the experts.

Most Shops Warranty Their Repairs

The last benefit to allowing a tire shop to patch or plug your tires is that the majority of these shops warranty their repairs. This means that you never have to worry about the tire leaking air again. And if it does, you simply bring it back into the shop to have it re-patched or re-plugged. If you make the repair yourself, you have to re-patch or re-plug the tire if it doesn't hold up, which is another hassle and another expense.

Most tire stores offer tire repair services. If your tire has a hole or puncture, bring it to have the tire patched or plugged by a professional, such as those found at XL Auto Service & Tires.